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Kristen Horler is a former pastry chef, turned fitness professional with a passion for food and fitness. In 2001, in an effort to spend time with her new baby and empower other new moms to get fit, Kristen developed Baby Boot Camp in San Francisco, CA. She now has over 100 franchised locations nationwide  and continues to pursue her passion of inspiring strong moms.

How Elimination Leads to Success


How Elimination Leads to Success

kristen horler

I want to share with you three simple steps on how elimination will lead to success. What we're working to eliminate is the use of negative words. A lot of this can start with our mindset and the use of words that we are not aware that we are saying. It's very simple to implement a few steps, shift your mindset, and create change. But the first thing to do is to increase your awareness of the words that you're thinking and what you're saying. 

Once you've increased your awareness, whether it's about your mindset, your vocabulary, or even your exercise or nutrition, then you're much better positioned to make a change. 

Step One:    Be aware.

Shifting to a positive mindset starts with taking action and changing the words you use, but it is critical that you decide to make a change. Rather than saying, “I'm going to try to be more positive,” or, “I'm going to try to shift the words that I'm using,” just decide:

 I'm going to make a change.”

The reality is that it does take time to make a shift, so give yourself some grace. A shift not only in your mindset, but also in the habits that we create and the words that tend to flow out of our mouths will take time. It starts with making a decision.

Step Two: Decide to make a change.

If you’re going to start a new exercise routine or make some dietary changes its pretty miserable if you suddenly take something away. If you absolutely love having a bowl of ice cream every evening after dinner, and I suddenly took it away, you'd be pretty miserable. Whereas, if I replace your ice cream with something cold and creamy and a little bit healthier, or asked you to reduce your portion size by a small amount, it would be less painful for you. And chances are, your efforts to move towards healthier habits would work! We refer to this as replacing negative with positive, which is the next step to creating lasting change.

Step Three:   Replace negative with positive.

Consider replacing words such as, “I have to go to work” with words such as, “I get to go to work.” Or, “I don't want to eat that,” instead of, “I can't eat that.”  Another word that I have found to be helpful in shifting my mindset is eliminating the use of the word “busy.” This is something I hear often with moms. But, the reality is that we all have 24 hours in a day--eight of which I hope that you're at least trying to sleep!

The other negative words that I continue to work hard to eliminate from my vocabulary is, “We can't afford it,” since we've made some significant changes in how we speak to our children about money. Instead, I now choose to use words such as, “It's not in the budget this month,” or “It's not a priority right now.”

As a mom, I became more aware of the words I was using as my children got older. These very small and subtle shifts in your vocabulary can not only lead to a more positive mindset but also more positive behaviors and a more successful MomStrong life.

Comment below to let me know what words you're working to change and watch our short video.